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Anne Gibbons Bodyworks member

"Thanks to my workouts at Bodyworks I have lost over a stone and am in a size 16 for the first time in 40 years! I am much fitter, have more stamina and have been able to come off my blood pressure medication.''

Anne Gibbons

Beccy Fell Bodyworks member

"In just 4 months I’ve lost 2 stone  and 2 dress sizes! The trainers at Bodyworks have really helped me to lose weight and gain more confidence, I feel great. If I can do it, so can you, give them a call.''

Beccy Fell

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Elaine Rouse Bodyworks member

"This is unlike any other club that I’ve been to. Its so friendly and all the staff are so motivational. In my first 6 weeks I’ve lost 11lbs, 11 inches and 1 dress size. I feel fitter and more mobile.''

Elaine Rouse

Jenny Forsythe Bodyworks member

"Since coming to Bodyworks I’ve dropped 2 dress sizes and feel amazing. I love the Club, its great fun and helps me keep really motivated.''

Jenny Forsythe

Mark Inman Bodyworks member

"I’ve been going to Bodyworks for over 15 years! I first joined to help my bad back, which has now improved massively, so much so that I got fit enough to climb Kilamanjaro! I find my lunchtime workouts really help me deal with work related stress.''

Mark Inman

Niomi Taylor Bodyworks member

"Since joining Bodyworks I’ve lost over 2 stone and 14 inches! I love coming here, its not like any other gym. All the  trainers are friendly and eager to help. I’m fitter and more toned all thanks to Bodyworks.''

Niomi Taylor

Steve Birch Bodyworks member

"Since coming to Bodyworks I’ve lost 2½ stone and have got much fitter. Recently I’ve had a total knee replacement and the team at the Club have helped me through my rehab and I now have full movement back.''

Steve Birch

Steve Swindlehurst Bodyworks member

"In just 5 weeks I feel completely different! My core strength has increased, leading to less back pain. I have more stamina and energy. My muscle  tone, shape and strength have all improved. I have more self-confidence and I feel really good. I love going to Bodyworks!''

Steve Swindlehurst

Trevor Crago Bodyworks member

"I joined Bodyworks to help with a cholesterol problem. Now everything is under control and I am very fit and healthy. I’ve been training at the Club for over 11 years; everyone is always really helpful and friendly. With their help I am keeping fit and enjoying my retirement.''

Trevor Crago

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